2015 Geometric Snowflake

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The Blizzard Of 1888 And Blizzard Mail
On March 12,1888, a short-lived blizzard mail service delivered letters to New York City during one of the worst storms in history.
Just two days before, on March 10, temperatures in the northeast were in the mid-50s. But the next day, cold Arctic air fromCanada met with Gulf air from the south sending temperatures plummeting. The rain quickly became snow and winds reachedhurricane-strength - about 85 miles per hour in New York City.
When the people of New York awoke on March 12, it was a complete whiteout.Some brave residents ventured out into the cold to board the city'selevated trains to go to work. But the rains were blocked by snowdrfts and couldnit move. About 15,000 people were stranded on these trains andhad to be rescued by people with ladders. Above ground telegraph lines, water mains, and gas lines were also badly damaged and inoperable.

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